Women of Wonder Conference

October 22-23, 2021

(Plus a special dinner and meeting for Women In Ministry on Thursday, October 21st!)

Women of Wonder is launching it’s second ever conference year in October of 2021. Our goal for this weekend is that you would walk away encouraged and confident in who God says you are! You are chosen, free and worthy because He did all the work.

Oftentimes, as women we put pressure on ourselves to be and do more. We shame themselves for past mistakes or think less of ourselves because of the stuff we’ve been through. However, we need to come to the revelation that our ‘stuff’ is not what God says about us!  We are victorious and we can and will keep moving forward and do amazing things for Him! Because He said so. Don’t let the stuff keep you stuck! You are a Women of Wonder!

Come to the Women of Wonder conference weekend with an open heart. Be willing to let go of the past and stand tall and confident because of your identity in Jesus! Think of your friends and family when making your plans to attend this weekend.

We are confident that Boldness and Purpose awaits them too!

Our Conference Host & Speaker: Pastor Jennifer Hotelling. 

Pastor Jennifer is a 1999 Rhema graduate. She has been active in ministry for the past 22 years, everything from youth ministry to pioneering a church with her husband in North Carolina. Jennifer has since returned to the Milwaukee area and in the fall of 2018 and launched Revival MKE- a ministry designed to teach about and stir up the gifts of the Holy Spirit in believers of all churches and denominations. She has also taken over her father, Pastor Ted Rouse’s church of 30 plus years (Faith’s Creation) and relaunched as it as Passion Church in 2019 in Hales Corners, WI. Jennifer’s passion is to see the people of God walk in their full potential as believers and actively experience God’s presence and glory working in and through them on a daily basis. Jennifer also flows in a prophetic anointing and has a strong urgency and passion to allow the Holy Spirit to move in all His Spiritual Gifts. Jennifer is experienced and skilled in ushering in and recognizing the greater glory and honoring the manifest presence of God.

Guest Speaker: Cindy Stewart

Cindy has a heart for God and connecting others to His heart; whether in leadership, business or ministry. She is committed to helping you discover your passions and develop a plan to live your dreams. Cindy can help you strengthen personal relationships, cultivate leadership skills while advancing your business or ministry.

Cindy Stewart is the senior Apostle at the Gathering Apostolic Center in Tarpon Spring’s Florida. She has a passion for equipping and releasing the supernatural. Her ability to advance ahead of others instills greater confidence in the Body of Christ.

As an author, her latest book is God’s Dream for Your Life. She is a facilitator for Patricia King Institute, a leader for Women on the Frontline, and Women in Ministry Network. Cindy is an itinerant speaker for retreats, workshops and corporate training.

Cindy is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and flows in a prophetic anointing. You can expect to receive a life changing touch from God and direction from His Spirit in Cindy’s services.

Conference Details & Questions:

Is there a theme for the Women of Wonder conference?

We believe that who God says we are IS exactly who we are! No questions asked. We tend to label ourselves based on our inadequacies, mistakes, and our circumstances. But our identity is in the one who gave us life to begin with. He is the one who set us apart and purposed us here on this earth - for such a time as this! 

We hope that you walk away bold and confident in what God says about you. Our goal for this weekend is that you would be able to overcome the lies that society, your own thoughts or the enemy whispers to you and walk confidently forward and victorious in who you are in Jesus! You ARE a Women of Wonder!

Where is the Women of Wonder conference held?

Women of Wonder will now be held at Passion Church in Hales Corners, WI ( a suburb of Milwaukee).

Is there a conference registration fee?

No, it is 100% free once again this year!!! We want to make our second year of Women of Wonder accessible to as many women as would like to come! SO please come! Bring a friend or two!

How many meetings can I expect?

There will be 3 main services.Friday Night at 7pm, Saturday Morning at 10am, Saturday Night at 7pm.  

There will also be 1 incredible breakout session with guest speaker: Cheryl Elliott on Saturday after our lunch at 1:30pm. 

And we have a special service on Thursday Night, Oct 21st at 6pm designed for women in ministry or those who feel called to ministry. See info below!

Are there any services geared specifically for women in ministry?

Yes. Thursday Night before the conference we will have a dinner and meeting specifically for Women in Full Time Ministry or those who feel called by God to ministry.. Our guest minister, Cindy Stewart will be our speaker for this meeting. Please RSVP to this minister’s luncheon by email to womenofwonderconf@gmail.com by October 15th and put in the subject line: minister’s lunch.

Will there be food?

On Saturday we will have a free continental breakfast before the morning service and a free lunch before the breakout sessions! If possible please RSVP if you plan on attending the lunch so we can have enough food prepared! (Call 414-940-9985 or email womenofwonderconf@gmail.com by October 15th and let us know how many will be attending with you!)

There will also be a free meal included for our ‘Women In Ministry’ session on Thursday Night at 6pm. 

Please see previous question for details on this dinner.

Is there childcare available for the services?

Yes, we will have childcare available for children 6 & under. Please Note: Our childcare workers will be teenagers, so very young babies may be best with a parent. 

Is this conference appropriate for my unsaved friend or family member?

Yes! We believe the power of God will change their lives. Because we are focusing on freedom from the things (hurts, pains, discouragements, mental and emotional bondanges. etc)  that hold us as women captive, we believe any person can benefit from what is being ministered during this weekend. 

How can I contact Women of Wonder?

Please contact us using our email address at womenofwonderconf@gmail.com .This is our preferred method of correspondence and we can call you if you send us a phone number to reach you.

If you currently do not use email, you may leave a voice message at our Passion Church number: 414-940-9985

Is Women of Wonder on Social Media?

Yes. You can find and follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/womenofwonderconf

As well as Instagram at @womenofwonderconf

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