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Books that inspire...

Pastor Ted Rouse has been an author for over 25 years. He writes books that are inspired, faith building, and totally scripturally based. 

You will walk away from reading any of these books with a better understanding of the meaning of scripture and what it means to be

a follower of Jesus. His books are used for schools (John G Lake ministries) and training internationally.

You can order his books by emailing us with inquiries at

  • Faith and the Pharisees - $10

    This book reveals that the whole New Testament from Jesus on-wards is still in force. (Luke 16:16; Matt. 24:35) There are many modernistic religious critics who try to do away with the miraculous power of the Lord as is revealed in the New Testament and the real possibilities of Biblical faith. Don't be robbed of the living faith that Christ came to give us. This book answers the critics of faith and Holy Spirit revivals.

  • Why Suffering Cannot Be God's Will - $10

    Is suffering the will of God? the Bible answers NO! Scripture reveals that God wants His will "done on earth EVEN AS IT IS IN Heaven."  Sickness and disease came not because of the will of God but rather because of the fall of man away from God and it is revealed in scripture to be the work of the Devil. Acts 10:38 says Jesus "went about doing GOOD healing ALL that were oppressed by the Devil." So never blame the Heavenly Father when evil comes, but resist the Devil steadfast with your faith. (I Peter 5:8-9) Christ redeemed us from the curses that the blessings might return upon us.

  • Jesus Christ, God's Son wants you to meet Him personally - $2

    The marvel of Christianity is that a person can meet Jesus and the Father God personally. It is a spiritual contact with God through being born again by the working of the Spirit of God. Jesus said "Except a person be born again" they CANNOT perceive nor enter God's spiritual Kingdom. This book is a great tool  for you to pass on to others to explain to them your personal relationship with God and HOW they too can contact Him and receive eternal life.

  • Understanding the Grace and Covenant of God - $10

    There are many erroneous ideas about grace these days. Some think of it as a license to sin, others think  that it doesn't make any difference on how you live and God will treat you the same regardless. Both of these views are wrong. Bible grace is unmerited power and divine ability given to the humble believer to enable that person to live the way God commands in the New Testament and to work for God. (II Cor. 9:8, 12:9-10) This 481 page book looks at grace as it's defined in the New Testament and reveals that it totally harmonizes with all that Jesus and the apostles taught about the necessity of keeping God's New Testament Commandments. (I John 2:3-6; Rev.14:12, 22:14)

  • The Great Spirit and the Ancient Word - $8

    This is a great book to read and give to Native Americans. This also will answer many questions about life, God, creation, and the divine spiritual reality of Christianity. There is only One True and living God and the gods of the nations are but idols. And there is only one way to the Father God and that is through His Son Jesus.

  • The Real Purpose for your Life - $3

    This 71 page book will give a person the understanding as to why they are here on the earth  Through it a person can find new meaning to life as they look at the big picture and see things from an eternal perspective. It is a really good book to hand out to others to give them a clear understanding of the need for Jesus Christ and His redemption.

  • The Thirty Minute Presentation of God's Plan to

    Save Man from Hell - $2

    This 28 page guide is designed to give you the benefits of over thirty years of intense Bible study. The Bible is God's revelation and it reveals to us God's Plan for man, and how we can cooperate with God and receive from Him the gift of eternal life.

  • Bible Proof: Every Real Christian Needs the Real

    Baptism with the Holy Ghost and Power - $10

    In this 257 page book book you will clearly see through the scriptures that there are two separate works of the Holy Spirit in the life of a New Testament believer. Once a person repents and calls on the name of the Lord, it is the Holy Spirit that regenerates him and imparts eternal life into him. This is being born of the Spirit. (John 3:1-8) Being filled with the Holy Spirit is a totally separate thing as this book clearly explains. Using numerous scripture references to prove each point, the difference between receiving eternal life and receiving the Holy Spirit is clearly seen. Every born again believer needs to take the next step and receive the Holy Spirit and power.

  • The Importance of Continuing on in the Faith (mini-book) - $2

    It's not how well you begin a race that counts, but how you finish it. This small 77 page mini-book explains what the New Testament says about continuing in the faith by continuing to live for God and His will. Paul wrote God will present you faultless in His presence "IF YOU CONTINUE in the faith..." The Apostle Peter wrote "receiving the END GOAL of your faith, even the salvation of your souls." Don't let anyone deceive you by saying you don'y really have to live for God's will to go to Heaven. Both Jesus and the Apostles taught otherwise. Live for God and stay safe.

  • Counterfeit Religion: The Great Deception (mini-book) - $1

    There is much in professing Christendom that presents itself as Christianity when it is not. It is merely man made religion and the traditions of men. And most of the time they nullify God's words on certain important Biblical topics. This 36 page mini-book will help you to see what's of God and what is from man or the Devil. We must stay with ALL Christ and His apostles taught ON EVERY TOPIC and  no one should EVER teach that any of it has passed away.

  • What Hell is Like: Who Must Go There and Why (mini-book) - $2

    God does not want any person to go to Hell. He sent His Son there for us all so we wouldn't have to go there at physical death. (Acts 2:22-32; Rom. 10:7) But the vast majority of people still go there when they die. Why is this? This booklet makes it clear what men must now do to cooperate with God and to be saved from that dreadful place. It also explains that because all that is good is from God, Hell and the lake of fire is total separation from God and therefore total separation from every good things that exists forever, even a drop of water.

  • Dear Mr. Evolutionist: Please Answer Me This - $4

    Theories, theories, theories. That's all material science can offer. Because un-saved men are spiritually cut off from God, they are totally ignorant of the fact that hundreds of millions of born again believers actually have met God intuitively. We are His witnesses. But being ignorant of the spiritual side of life and leaving God out of the picture they have to draw made up pictures, come up with missing links, and exercise faith in other men's imaginations with no leg to stand on. This 56 page book shows the folly of evolution in a simple and understandable way.